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Complete Guide on How to Stay Happy in Your Marriage

Marriage is often described as a consensual unity between two people who have certain feelings and goals in common: love, respect, passion and building a family together.

Marriage also implies certain rules which allow it to survive and flourish over the years: loyalty,honesty and respect, without them a marriage, regardless of how strong a love is or was will fall down and will be hard to rebuild again, a reality which I’m sure that most of you are aware of or have experienced already.

This website has been created out of concern and love for all of you, for both men and women who wear their armours bravely and are fighting every day to sustain and heal something which was powerful and healthy once.

For all of you fierce fighters out there, you have here a place of safety, a place where you can regain your confidence and urge to fight when you think you had enough or when you believe your fire is nearly dying.

We have advice, “how to” articles, valuable information which you can use and can succeed if you are willing.

A warm, long lasting welcome to all of you!

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